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425 Humboldt Street

The Project proposes to construct a new eight (8) story mixed-use apartment building, which consists of 95 new residential units in six (6) stories (floors two through eight) over two (2) stories of parking (floors one through two. Ground floor uses also include a lobby with a mezzanine, leasing office, mail and parcel rooms, and an office with mezzanine for a separate tenant. Ground floor amenities may include bicycle storage and pet grooming station. Other amenities may include a fitness area at the lobby mezzanine, an exterior courtyard with BBQ area on floor three (3), and a clubhouse with exterior deck on floor eight (8). The Project includes a lot merger of parcels located at 431 Humboldt Street and a newly created parcel (425 Humboldt Street).
The Project site is located in the Downtown Santa Rosa Specific Plan Area (DSASP). The CMU (Core Mixed Use) zoning district allows multifamily and mixed uses by right. The Floor Area Ration (FAR) for this site is 8 and there is no maximum height to buildings with buildings assigned an FAR.

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Project Documents

Free documents you can view, download and print.

Project Overview

Building Floorplans

Unit Floorplans

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Architectural Plans

Master Project Plans

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Construction Management

Revised Resolution

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